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When you use your car every day, you will notice that dirt is quickly formed. And not just on the car mats: dust can also quickly accumulate on the dashboard. It is advisable to regularly perform a Vehicle Detailing Service on your car to keep it a healthy environment.

Are you looking for a Professional Vehicle Detailing Service? And do you want to be able to reach all the cracks to get your car completely clean again?

Then you've come to the right place!

Our Services

Upholstery cleaning
Dashboard polishing
Leather seat polishing
Engine Cleaning
Windscreen cleaning
Head and tail light cleaning
Body Waxing
Tyre and Rim polishing
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Vehicle Detailing Service


Detailed interior cleaning (vacuuming, deodorizing, shampooing, fabric protection).

Power washing of wheels, inner fenders and undercarriage.

Engine compartment degreasing &Lubrication of locks and hinges.

Paint Protection Film

Genuine Paint Protection Film (PPF) helps protect the front end of your vehicle against everything from stone chips and scratches to harsh ultraviolet (UV) radiation.. .

Seat-Back Cargo Liner

The cargo liner protects your rear trunk space and the backs of your seats from damage. Items are kept in place by way of a textured skid resistant design. .

Tub Style Floor Mats

Superior protection for your vehicle’s interior. They will not crack or harden in freezing weather and the one piece rear mat offers complete coverage.

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Our company seeks to build synergetic partnerships with the end user and to fully address all our customers’ requirements, thus in addition to prompt delivery system and quality guaranteed products and services'.

Address: Kumasi - Ghana

Phone: 0241886591 / 0240670186

Our Services

- Supply of genuine Toyota spare parts

- Supply of genuine spare parts for heavy duty trucks

- Supply of genuine spare parts for saloon vehicles

- Vehicle Detailing Service

- Sale of vehicle battery

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